easyHDR 2

easyHDR 2 get your digital photos closer to what you’ve seen with your own eyes. Say goodbye to unwanted over- and underexposures. EasyHDR is an image-processing application that produces and tone maps High Dynamic Range images. You will get neat results even if the photos are taken in very difficult lighting conditions. An HDR image is produced out of a sequence of photos taken with different exposure settings. It has to be tone mapped, so it can be displayed on a computer screen or printed. If the photos are taken hand-held (without a tripod) the photo alignment tool (automatic as well as manual) can be used.


Key Features of easyHDR 2:
• Create HDRs from single shots
• Combine RAW images
• Supports multiple image formats
• Generate RAW files
• Easy to use settings


System Requirements: Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10


How to get easyHDR 2:

1. Click Go to Deal, you will see a page link to website giveaways.
2. Enter E-mail, Vorname and Nachname then click to Anmelden

3. Check your mailbox to verify

4. Download easyHDR 2 and installation

5. Register easyHDR 2 with your free key
6. Enjoy!