Franzis PhotoBuZZer

Franzis PhotoBuZZer is a one-click photo software which explains itself. About the buzzer (Button) the motif with every click is assigned a new and unique photographic impressions.


Key Features of Franzis PhotoBuZZer:
• Fascinating image interpretation and visual ideas
• Real-time preview of all the looks in highest quality and accuracy
• Image Mood Wizard driven image processing
• Storage of all image looks on timeline
• Includes image Finisher with cutting and subtitles


System Requirements: Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10


How to get Franzis PhotoBuZZer:
1. Click Go to Deal, you will see a page link to website giveaways.
2. Enter Email and Password then click to SEND

3. Download Franzis PhotoBuZZer and installation

4. Register Franzis PhotoBuZZer with your free key
5. Enjoy!