Mockplus is a faster and easier prototyping tool for designers and developers to translate ideas into interactive prototypes, test, share and iterate with simple clicks and drag-and-drop. Its team collaboration and management feature also helps improve work efficiency effortlessly. Microsoft, ITC, Oracle, Simens, IBM, UBI, Huawei and over 300 industry-leading enterprises and colleges are using it, let’s get Mockplus giveaway for a 3-month subscription to try.


Key Features of Mockplus:
• The interaction design is totally visualized
• Prototype like a Pro with extensive pre-designed components
• Test on native device instantly
• Code-free and get started right away
• Team Collaboration


System Requirements: Windows, Mac, Android


How to get Mockplus:
1. Click Go to Deal, you will see a page link to website giveaways.
2. Create an Account mockplus!

3. Click Go to Deal again and add License Key: TICKCOUPON then click to UPGRADE NOW

4. Download Mockplus and install 
5. Enjoy!