Notion Personal [Education]

Notion is an organizational, collaboration and note software for your projects and affairs. I use it for my design projects, for example, also to present data to the customer.

They introduced a student tariff last night, which allows you to use the corresponding benefits for FREE, should you be a Student or lecturer. This subscription includes unlimited storage space for files and notes, an extended rights system, Priority Support, use of Version History, and the ability to create a mass export as HTML or Markdown.

A YouTuber has uploaded a Video to this by publishing a “student promo code”. Thus, anyone without verification can redeem this Code and take advantage of the benefits free of charge.

Student promo code: ALI

You trigger the Code by selecting your Workspace on the computer, then clicking on” Settings & Members “and then on” Upgrade”. There then at ” Have a student promo code?”after clicking on” Get free educational plan ” enter.