1Password Family

With 1Password, you only ever need to remember one password. All your other passwords and important information are protected by your Master Password, which only you know. And all your secure information is available on all your devices, so you always have it handy.


Key Features of 1Password Family:
• Create strong, unique passwords
• Alert you to password breaches and other security problems
• Save and fill credit card details
• Remove sensitive information from your devices
• Act as an authenticator for sites with two-factor authentication
• Keep your passwords up to date between devices
• Share passwords securely with your family or team
• Store copies of important documents for safekeeping


System Requirements: Windows/ Mac OS X/ Linux/ Android/ iOS…



How to get 1Password Family:
1. Click Go to Deal, you will see a page link to website giveaways.
2. Enter What should we call you and Email Address then click to Next


3. Check your mailbox to verify

4. Download 1Password Family and installation

5. Register 1Password Family with your free key
6. Enjoy!