Ashampoo® Photo Mailer

Ashampoo® Photo Mailer users need not worry about size or quantity constraints. Based on a single slider control, users can select between four different levels of quality. Ashampoo Photo Mailer will then fully-automatically adjust all images and bundle them into as many emails as are required.

SoftOrbits Photo Background Remover

SoftOrbits Photo Background Remover helps to clear digital shots from unwanted background in batch. Manual removal is performed with the aim of two markers: a red marker is used to define the background area that will be removed, while green marker selects the area that will stay untouched. Automatic...

Ashampoo® Photo Commander 15

Ashampoo Photo Commander 15 is the comprehensive solution to view, edit and organize your photos, geotagging included! Bring order to your photo library, batch-optimize multiple files at once or create and design your own calendars, greeting cards and slideshows with ease. Control and navigate through your slideshows on your...

StudioLine Photo Classic 4 SE

StudioLine Photo Classic 4 is a user-friendly photo manager that also helps you edit and share your photos. With a selection of both standard and professional editing tools, you can transform your images the way you like them. I found this software very easy to use.

Franzis HDR Projects 4 Elements

Franzis HDR Projects 4 Elements is, as the name suggests, HDR software and it’s created by FRANZIS who are a software company with a whole portfolio of useful tools that are compatible with both Windows and Mac machines, plus there are Adobe Lightroom, Elements and Photoshop plug-ins available. The...

Franzis PhotoZoom Classic 5

Franzis PhotoZoom Classic 5 not only creates larger images than any other software (up to 1 million by 1 million pixels), it also produces higher quality results. PhotoZoom is equipped with S-Spline Max, a unique, award-winning image resize technology which excels at preserving clean edges, sharpness, and fine details....

Franzis PhotoBuZZer

Franzis PhotoBuZZer is a one-click photo software which explains itself. About the buzzer (Button) the motif with every click is assigned a new and unique photographic impressions.

Spektrel Art

Spektrel Art – Cool off for summer! Create magical art that glimmers and gleams with intersecting lines of tapered light. Spektrel Art is an extravagant otherworldly display of undulating movement that glimmers and gleams with intersecting lines of tapered light. Applied to photos, this medium of imaginative and magical...

Systweak Software

Systweak Software: Boost your digital devices this independence day with some of Systweak’s best utility tools for Windows and Mac. You’ll fall in love with them all over again!

InPixio Photo Maximizer 3

InPixio Photo Maximizer 3 Pro lets you enlarge photos by up to 1000% percent without compromising quality. With InPixio Photo Maximizer 3 Pro, you’ll have access to a powerful zoom function with 18 different functions that improve quality, clarity, and contrast.